Monday, 31 October 2011

Your letter was only the start of it.

The sad passing of Sir Jimmy Savile this weekend made me feel nostalgic for the good old days. The happy, carefree time that you ran around without responsibility or financial worries, when tea time TV ruled and your biggest decision was whether to buy cola chews or cola pips with the last of your pocket money.

Sir Jim regrettably was unable to Fix It for me to rollerskate with the cast of Starlight Express but he gave us all hope that if you put pen to paper and took the time to write a very polite letter in your neatest handwriting to the BBC your dreams may just come true.

Here's an nod to other memorable tea time TV shows and funny moments to brighten this late October Monday. Dig out your Jim’ll Fix It medal, brush down your Blue Peter Badge and be a part of it...

Trevor and Simon on Going Live! with some very welcome guests....

For all those who idolised Trevor and Simon, swang your pants and wanted to sit on the Sofa for Two with Three here’s a comedy classic with French and Saunders.

Saturday Superstore – Claire and Friends – It’s ‘Orrible Being in Love (When you’re 8½)

Claire’s entry beat a thousand other entries in the talent competition on Saturday Superstore and she even got to sing it live on Top of the Pops. A nostalgic journey for all those who were in love and had his picture on your wall and his name upon your scaaaarf...

Hello Rat Fans!

Roland Rat lived beneath Kings Cross Railway station in The Ratcave with Errol the Hamster and Kevin the Gerbil. Cool.


Mallett’s Mallet – I would have been humiliated by Timmy Mallet with a big pink hammer called Pinky Punky in a word association game just to win a copy of Hits 6 and get a Wacaday wacky plaster. Utterly brilliant!

5 Star on Going Live! and a very rude little boy...

But it didn't always go quite right....Who could forget when Eliot Fletcher called my favourite band up on Going Live to ask them a very rude question. Tut. I was personally upset – I was a member of the 5 Star Fan Club and my Mum even spoke to their Dad, Buster. That’s a true story.

Scouts on a Rollercoaster with food.

And finally, in honour of Sir Jim, a group of Cub Scouts from the 2nd Sutton St Mary’s troop, who wrote to the programme asking to have a meal in an unusual place. Jim opted to send them to ride the Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Classic.

Happy Monday.

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